Choice Transmission I took my car here because it was close. After 4 days the guy told me it’d be $2000to fix. It is a ’93 bonneville. I told him there’s no way I’m paying that and a tow truck is going to pick it up on friday. On thursday, he calls and magically the price drop $1200. Now, the same $2000 job is suddenly $800. He is a thief and a very transparent one. The job was $600 elsewhere. $2k or $600 your choice Gilbert Arizona!!. My car was acting as if it was driving over washboard, so I took it to my mechanic. He said the torque converter clutch solenoid was giving an error code 39. I took it to Choice Transmission, because it was the closest, and paid 300 for a tear down. The mechanic said a whole new rebuild is needed and it’d cost 2000.00 for parts and labor. It is a ’93 Bonneville and the car isn’t worth 2000.00. He said that since I’m not going to pay, he was going to leave the car on the hoist and had no plans on putting

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