We purchased a hot tub from choosedirect.com, a member of BBB, at the time of purchase, the hot tub was delivered 11/13/09 and was put to use 3/10/2010 only to find out that pump 1, pump 2, and the blower do not work and the tub heated up to 109 degrees, at which time we shut off the circuit breaker. After numberous phone calls and emails to the company, they always say they will call be back that they are working on it. I did not know the tubs were not UL or ETL safety certified until I was browsing the internet. I also found out that they lost their BBB accredition 2/2010. Is there any help out there?

767 Bryant St. Ste. 201 San Francisco, California United States of America

888 611 8827


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