This online company (formerly known as no more rack) had a delivery by xmas guarantee if items were ordered by 12.14.15. I placed an on line order on 12.12 and when all was said and done by 12.25 2 of the items were not received. I went to an on line chat with one of their agents and was told that they would credit me 10.00 to my account or 30% whatever was greater. On 12.24 when I was on line with them I was told that I would credited the whole amount based on their by xmas guarantee. (This was with a different agent). On 12.25 I was told that for a full credit I would have to return the items once I received them….some guarantee. In addition one of the items I received was damaged and that was not addressed in our on line chat on 12.25. I will never order from this company again

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