For those reading this crap for the first time. Maybe you’re thinking of coming in for an audition or maybe you just got cast in a production and have come upon this. The only thing I can tell you is to ASK about these things. When you are at the theater, come to my office and check it out. Come see some shows (I’ll comp you and a guest). Talk to the actors actually working at the theater (you’ll find more than a few that have performed before and re upped to do another show). Ask the tough questions. Look for anyone who comes in and is forcibly removed or refused their pay. If you find ANY of these accusations to be true, then feel free to quit. I really can’t destroy your career, (nobody can). We go through a lot of actors at my theaters. (most theaters do the same) and I do ask that the actors promote the show to their friends and family (all theaters do). Nobody is punished or penalized if they don’t bring audience. I do have to fire a person every now and then. Everything from drug use, to placing their fellow actors in danger on stage, ( I have a list you wouldn’t believe). Sometimes these kooks jump on the internet and start slamming complaints and threats of “SCAM” because they have nowhere else to go. These accusations are not true, so they put me in position where I’m really not able to fairly defend myself and my theater. It’s a no win for everyone except the bitter troll hiding behind the keyboard. So all I can do is ask for you be better than that. Stand on your own and come see for yourself, think for yourself and find what really is going on. If you are not able to rise up and think and see for yourself, then there’s really nothing more I can do …and I wish you well.

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