Complaint: TO PICTURES OF CHRIS DAIGNAULT’S PAINT JOB, CLICK HERE. Chris Daignault slips under the radar by changing his “business name

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Address: “” when I met with him it was called Star Renewal. My first clue should have been he only accepted checks written directly to him

Website: 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Duration paint

Phone: which he cashed instead of depositing into any legitamite business account. He also refused to furnish his TIN or EIN number so that I could submit a 1099 on the $8800 he received from me. I first came in contact with Chris Daignault when I picked up his business card from a local establishment. During our initial phone conversation Chris assured me that he was a licensed and insured contractor. His business card does include a Michigan contractor license number printed on the back. He even provided two “”references”” where he supposedly completed jobs. Hindsight is 20/20 and I am now seeing all the red flags that I missed. Our contract for service included a complete paint job