I attempted to adopt animal onlineHi ,XXXXthanks for your interest in my beautiful 12 years old Sulcata tortoise. She is still available and I’m looking forward to give her out to a new loving home. She is an amazing animal to have around as a pet, very active, strong shells and very friendly with kids and other pet. She is not a shy tortoise and loves to feed off your hands. I bought her as a female. My wife named her jenny , and it’s terrible i have no choice than to give the tortoise to a new home after our divorce because I’m very committed with my job and lack time to properly care for jenny . so i thought it best to give her out to a new loving home where proper care, love and attention will be directed towards her.how soon will you like to get the tortoise and where are you located?I prefer overnight shipping only within USA.I’m ready to let you have her now but i will like to know if you have any experience with Sulcata tortoises or tortoises in general? I will also like to know if you are a breeder or just a pet lover?kindly do well to get back to me as soon as you can so that i can give you as much information that you may need and get to conclude on the adoption process. Below are some recent pictures of jenny.