When we first spoke to Chris Menera he told us that his company “Digital Imaging Systems”” bought old printers in bulks of 10 then fixed them up and sold them when they were fully operational. We ended up buying a high volume printer for $699 that we later found out is virtually worthless and would cost more to repair than to buy a new one. When we contacted him 2 days later about the problem he stated he was going to send someone out the following day in order to fix the problem. No one ever showed and he has not returned any of our numerous calls or emails since then. Once we figured out he was not someone who operated ethically

we called the bank in order to place a stop payment on the check. Unfortunately the bank notified me that he actually “”cashed”” the check just moments after leaving the office. I can only assume he would do this because he knew he was selling us a faulty machine. After further research

we have found that the address listed on his business card (29910-G Murrieta Hot Springs Rd in Murrieta

CA) is bogus and actually belongs to a different company. Chris Menera sells fax machines