This person had created a Facebook page that claimed to be Chris Young with copies of pictures posted on the real Chris Young’s business/musician Facebook page and sent me a message claiming to be the real Chris Young, I wasn’t positive if it was actually his page or not and replied he told me he wants to get to know me but he has to close the account because he’s getting complaints about fake accounts and asked me to text him. I’d been targeted before and know the various government agencies that need to be contacted and what information they need so I texted him at the number he provided, for a short time he didn’t ask for anything. The true Chris Young’s birthday was coming up and he asked me if I was going to get him a birthday present and told me he likes to play video games and sent a picture of the Google play image. I didn’t react or send anything but knew I wasn’t talking to the true Chris Young and wondered if he’d continue to try and get me to spend any money. For a number of months he just continued to pretend there was something between us (I hadn’t blocked him right away because I know of a company that tracks these people and once found reports them to the police and had hoped they would be able to track him down and arrest him) then after pretending to have a secret text only – because of the media according to him – relationship I asked him to provide some type of proof that I was truly talking to the real Chris Young and that my friends were worried about me he responded with a message saying that I had promised not to tell anyone and it’s me and him against the world. I told him that no one knows who I’m messaging only that I was texting with someone. I even told him I had been targeted before by a scam trying to get money from me. Guess he didn’t think I would report this whole thing. Then he asked me who my phone carrier is and asked for the card number associated with it, I informed him that there is no card number and asked why he wanted it, he said "I need it" I asked why and he replied with something about needing to be able to get help from me if he’s stuck somewhere and can’t get away from fans, I told him sorry I don’t have anything like that. He went a little longer trying to continue his secret relationship game and the asked me one day if I he could trust me with something he needed assistance with and when I asked what he sent a photo of a hand holding at least 2 Google play gift cards for any amount up to $100 (could see the edge of the second card behind the first one) the background and most of the hand were cropped out of the picture but I could see enough of the hand to tell it was someone who’s skin is not that of a white man’s (Chris Young is definitely a white man) I could see the pigment difference between the inner part of the hand and outer, the outer being dark like that of a black person’s coloring. When I sent a message saying it is a crime to impersonate someone and try to get money from people and that there are agencies that track this kind of activity. He sent me messages where he is very angry saying I’m rude and he doesn’t like rude people and so on to bait me into continuing to talk to him I told him I had received messages from 2 other fake Chris Young’s which I had on Facebook (all of this from me posting a comment on the true Chris Young’s Facebook page) and he then "forgave me" and went on to condescending tell me how things are going to be. I didn’t reply to a text from him a few days later saying hello to me and today received a message asking if I was ending the relationship. I told him I’d been sick and unable to find my phone and he rudely said "and you couldn’t have texted to tell him. I replied that I just had, that I couldn’t reply when I didn’t know where my phone is. I’m blocking the number (the agency I know wasn’t able to track him down) he had made comments here and there about me doing something for him that involved me spending money but I never spent any money or gave him information. I hope someone catches this guy before he gets victims that really believe that Chris Young is interested in them or any other person that is a public figure.