My estranged husband and I have been separated since July, 2012, we got together in 2008 and married in December of 2012. For a year and a half he told me his uncle in Ohio was sick and needed his help so he was making trips out there to see him once in a while until he got injured at work. Once that happened he started spending more and more time in zanesville. The real story is he was seeing her and married me anyway. When I found his second cell phone in his trunk and found all their messages and pictures I confronted both of them. Him to his face and her via text. She didn’t care that he was married to me, she knew about us however, he told her we were “just friends”. No matter his responsibility in the situation she is just as ville. Christa Wooton is the stuff of nightmares and she helped him break my heart and isn’t one bit remorseful.