Complaint: the company advertised christian louboutin shoes for sale and put up a picture of the original shoes. i ordered them and received them one week later. firstly the box was damaged. i opened the box to the shoe bag ripped. i took out the shoes which were completely different to the picture. the toe part of the shoe was huge so when you put them on they looked like a bridge over your toes. disgusting. the diamonte had been knocked off and stuck back on with a dark glue and the glue was left on the shoe. the inside labels were ripped off and tacky glue was on the inside of the shoe. The shoes looked as if they were years old. If i had found them in the wardrobe i would have put them in the bin. The company insisted that i cannot get a refund as the shoes are perfect. The shoes were sent from HONG KONG so the company in america could not have even seen them before they were sent out. the company is a total scam…….. Leslie sigman is the owner. the company needs to be exposed for misrepresentation

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