Complaint: I was a member of this site 15 years ago. The owner either died or adruptly sold it to a new person and from then on this site went straight to hades. The membership there with thousands upon thousands of posts are Trolls. They’ll identify as Christian but they are not. As you’ll see when you read their remarks. One such person is called, Armoured. He’s what in America is called, False Valor. He lies that he’s in the military in Australia. But he is not. Nor is he living in Australia. He’s American, an atheist and a troll who identifies as Catholic. But has not a good thing to say about the military, or anything related to the Christian faith. And if he lives in Australia he sure doesn’t prove it becuase he always assails the American political forum and never posts in the international one. Then there’s Tulc. He use to be known as Mach Zero. He assumed that sock account because he holds contempt for the faith. It’s a backwards slur for, “cult””. His sock account is Hetta. (Take away the “”t”” and that also speaks to his contempt; “”Hate””) The Admin there is “”TallGuy””. Who’s married to “”FreeInChrist”” . They’re both atheists. The whole point of that site is to give opportunity to those who hate the faith to speak out. While the advertising revenue that pours in page after page on every thread is the whole point . This is why the Trolls there that are sock accounts of the staff members bait the clueless real Christians in threads. Becuase the more pages a thread generates the more money for those advertisements on each and every page rolls in. This site is horrible. The old site when the actual Christian owned it

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Address: when it is an atheist that owns it now

Website: DO NOT become a $upporter of that site! If you do and you use PayPal

Phone: was a glorious place to be. The peace