It’s with a heavy heart that I have to do this, but I’m a woman scorned and I’m literally still in shock. || To give you a tad of background knowledge on this – while we were on a Disney cruise (the week before Christmas) – I met an army wife on the beach at Castaway Cay. She had a son about the same age as my youngest daughter and we just started chatting (I never meet a stranger). We started chatting and come to find out they had just PCS’ed to Ft Campbell (the last duty station where we lived before my husband retired from the Army). We chatted for about 15 minutes while the kids played (my mom was also sitting with us). I saw her husband for a minute or two. I think he walked up to ask her if she was ready to go eat – just normal conversation. I spoke and said hello. I think at some point my husband walked over and spoke for a minute but nothing out of the ordinary. || I told her I still had some friends (and my BIL & SIL) that owned homes there and that she could friend me on FB and I may be able to introduce her to some people since she didn’t know anyone. || Fast forward – we get off the cruise and she friend requests me. He is also on FB and that is where they apparently exchanged numbers. || Well last night I had his phone (he was showing me something) and I flipped to his texts and my biggest nightmare was staring right in front of me. Very inappropriate texts between them including the following pictures. Inappropriate on BOTH parties. I am heartbroken, angry, sickened, shocked, and quite frankly I feel like this is a bad dream. || That being said when I approached her she had absolutely no remorse and that those”pictures were already out there – good luck in life” I contacted her husband (who is an atty for JAG) and he completely backed her and said she is just a nice person and”those pics are out there anyway” ummmmm ok. || Let me just make it clear that I blame my husband more than ANYONE in this situation but I will expose this woman in every way that I can! || I have screenshots of texts along with close ups of this gem of a woman! This mother of 5 that thought it was ok to text a married man naked pics!!!