Click here for the Cheaters Exposure || My now ex was always going snowmobiling and hanging out for weekends up North in Hurley, WI with his boss and friends. It was never a big deal before this year. On January 1st they left for a trip up north per usual. Except I had a funny feeling this time, and I saw pics his boss’s gf posted and my boss’s daughter was always right next to my bf. So when they got back I made comments about it jokingly and we both blew it off. Until we had a huge argument one night and I decided to check his facebook where I found messages between the 2 of them talking about hooking up after I went to work one night (while he was supposed to be watching my son) so of course I flipped out on him and messaged her. He assured me they were just joking and he would never mess with her ever. || I let it go until about a week later we were still fighting constantly and he plans another trip up north. He goes and I continue to have my suspicions. For 2 months this BS went on, him staying gone at least 1 night a week, fighting constantly, I found out he was still talking to her EVERYDAY after I saw her number on my house phone and put a tracker on his phone to see all of his texts. They were sleeping together and hiding it from me and her fiance! But everyone else knew. His friend even let it slip when he was drunk that she went up north with him one time when I had specifically asked and he lied right to my face! || We are no longer”together” but he says he wants to be here and see if we can”fix” us! I don’t believe I want to fix anything. I thought maybe I did at first because of our 7 year old son, but the more I think about it I just don’t think it is fixable this time (he has cheated several times and I have always forgiven him) I deserve better and so does our son! The grossest thing is he has known this slut since she was a little girl! She calls his ex her sister and his older kids her babies! Not to mention she was engaged to a good man that loved her and she betrayed him also! I already exposed them both on HIS facebook page so all of their friends and family knew what they are! But I just feel like the world should know to watch out for her! She was friends with his ex, and that didn’t stop her, she knew he was with me and that didn’t stop her, and she was engaged herself and that didn’t stop her! The entire lot of him and his friends are disgusting! They all should be exposed, but they all aren’t my problem! His lying a$$ and her are though and that is why I needed to tell my story! I feel much better for venting! Thank you so much!