My husband coached my son’s football team. My son became great friends with one of his teammates. His mother was in the Navy and wasn’t around much, too busy working and too selfish. So we would have him over a lot. We drove him home from practice at least once a week and spent a lot of time with him because his mother wasn’t around. She was dating a guy from the navy, who was married and when his wife called her to tell her he was married because apparently she didn’t know, she broke up with him. She kept wanting to talk to my husband, her sons coach, about why this guy would do this to her and what she did wrong. About how she didn’t know that he was married and how it was affecting her son. || Not even 1 week later, I started getting annoyed and asked her to talk to someone else. My husband didn’t see the harm in her texting him to talk about her failed relationship. He couldn’t see what I and everyone else did, he was a great husband and dad and she was going to do whatever it took to get him. Less than 2 weeks after their first conversation, he moved out and in with her! She even had to come into my house the night he left to give him support and make sure I wouldn’t make a scene! She wrecked our home. Her mother who lives with her supported her, her oldest son, 13 at the time was texting my husband that day and asked if I was going to let him leave. This was the day after my sons 10th birthday, the day after she promised she wouldn’t contact him ever again. Two days later she tried to come to my son’s birthday party with both of our families and our friends there! || She is a nut job to the max. She tried to brainwash our kids, bribed them with anything she could think of. She spent thousands trying to make sure that my husband would love her and be with her. She has forever wrecked our family and our home.