I bought three OneVanilla prepaid Mastercards from WalMart. Each card was loaded with $500.00 for a total of $1,500.00. I used the cards to purchase a used travel trailer through what I thought was eBay. I have used eBay before and all correspondence looked legit. After providing the card information, I received a confirmation email just like eBay does. Again, the following day I received yet another email stating I was required to provide and additional $500.00 to secure shipping insurance? This is when the red flag went off. I immediately called eBay. They told me I had been defrauded. The eBay rep I spoke with said it had been happening ‘a lot’. I called the 800 number from the back of the card. Impossible to get anyone on the phone. I then checked the balances on the cards, there were online purchases still pending from places like Costco and Amazon. Immediately I notified their fraud department to have them place a fraud report linked to the purchases, hoping the shipping could be halted, and possibly recover my money. On one of the 3 cards, I was unable to determine any information on the card inquiries from OneVanilla. The following morning at 5 am I actually got someone on the phone from OneVanilla. I may as well be talking to my dog as there was no concerns nor assistance. The email I was told to send my complaint to [email protected] provided no place to enter a complaint. Searching deeper I located an Incomm Blog. There I sent a message to customer service. I am not very confident I will ever hear anything from this company. Had I registered all 3 cards prior to divulging the numbers to theses scam artist I could have gotten details on where the cards were used. These thieves tell you not to worry about registering them because it is not necessary. Folks reading this are thinking what an idiot to have fallen for this scam. Make no mistake about it, these folks have been doing this for a long time from the ease and ability to duplicate eBay so well. My goal is to make anyone and everyone aware. I have always considered myself quite computer and internet savvy. If I can be dooped so can you. OneVanilla has a clause that is found deep within their website saying they are not responsible for any such activity, the merchant where you purchase them is. Walmart said they are not responsible either and cannot help. So, basically you better be ready to accept the fact that you have lost every penny. No consumer protection whatsoever.

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