So this girl was”best friends” with my boyfriend for years. His previous wife and this girl are also best friends. I used to get on his phone and see all these messages from this girl, but all the messages were deleted. He wouldn’t delete the whole message just clear the conversation history. She texted him at least 30 times a day. But they were “just friends”. || One of my dear loved ones passed away last year and while I was in the hospital with my family waiting for my loved one to die and he had our kids at this bitch’s house. My kids came home talking about her and her kids. I stayed at the hospital for a total of 3 days. I did not mentally or emotionally have the strength to deal with it so I let it go! After about 8 more months I got fed up and moved out. || The point of my story to you women is”what goes around comes around”. Karma is a bitch!! The picture I’m posting is of her mug shot. Not long after I left she got arrested for felonies for schedule 1-4 drugs. Hold your head up ladies. My momma always taught me about karma, and she’s so right! Anyhow, he still continues to cheat on her with other various people. I can honestly say my babies and I are better off. God Bless!