This guy is a total nightmare! I hired him after I found his craigslist ad offering lawn care and minor landscaping. He said he was 23 years old and going to school at UW. I thought he sounded like a good kid after I spoke with him on the phone. I paid him for 2 months of service trimming my trees and cleaning up leaves and what not. Since then it has been a huge mistake. HUGE! First of all he has to be on drugs; he never completes a job, doesn’t show up when he says he will and always has some excuse about school. Let me also mention, his work is no good at all. He thinks he knows tree trimming and he does not, my tree looks massacred and some of the branches may never grow back at all! People beware! Do not hire this kid, it will be your worst nightmare!!!

113 Weehauken Ave Seattle, Washington USA