Complaint: THIS COMPANY IS PURE FRAUD Warning to everyone looking to buy a watch on chrono 24- DONTI have just had the very bad misfortune of being defrauded out of over $12,000.00 from a fraudulent seller on chrono 24. The site has knowingly allowed this fraudster to advertise and con people. The AD is still up even though I have sent many emails to Chrono 24 and calls.I bought a rolex off a seller, wired the funds and for days they kept on making excuses the money had not arrived when it had. I became to get suspicious when after they claimed they received funds they kept on making excused about sending the courier tracking number.I proceeded to pose as another buyer setting up a different email and contacted the seller again who declared the watch was still available. The exact same one, same serial number etc. I then offered the seller a 90 per cent discount on what I had paid and the seller agreed on that price.This was a immediate red flag and I knew I had been screwed. I am now being totally ignored by chrono 24 and the seller am 12 k out of pocket.How can this web marketplace allow fraudsters to easily operate without doing proper dd on their sellers.How can this website not even assist in helping out a defrauded customer…Do not risk buying through this site.UPDATE- Since chrono24 response hereI have now been in contact with chrono 24Their response to this situation was “well this is embarrassing “” .They will take no responsibility for this

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: they hold no insurance for occasions like this. Their fraud prevention tools

Website: Internet USA

Phone: as told to me one the phone was “” we sometimes get some of our advertisers to take a photo of their watch sshowing a certain time “”Are they f***** serious. This is meant to be a site specializing in selling very high end jewelry and watches and their fraud scrubs are worse than craigslist or gumtree.I explained to them they should perhaps consider investing in a system that would check who their advertisers were seeing as a few cases like this could bankrupt their marketplace.So they have kindly removed the fraudsters Advert and said its good now we know he wont do this to anyone else…. Ive never heard something so amateur and ridiculous.They refuse to hand over the details of their advertiser who has stolen my money saying they need to protect their advertisers.Again I stress to anyone who is considering buying a item on Chrono24DO NOT BUY FROM THEM