Complaint: Newsflash! Chuck King rips off more people and then tries to turn the tide by transferring blame. Chuck King pulls it off yet again. He does a direct mail lead coop and then doesn’t produce leads or any good leads and then tells people it’s there fault for not working the leads. He refuses to refund anyone. BUT yet, he is now on a rampage against a start up company that has many many people making money. He has started his bashing of the company and putting in countless hours to try to bad mouth the company. What he is doing is criminal. He has stepped over the boundary and is now committing illegal acts. First he has stolen over $10,000 of people for his “lead coop””. Those people are filing law suits against him as I write this letter. Second he has violated copyright and trademark laws. Third he has commited slander over and over. Chuck thinks he can do what he did with YTB. Where he allegedly had them pay him out so he would stop bashing them. let’s look at Chuck’s past: (scroll down to the 4th post) (scroll down to the comments area) (scroll down to the comments area) So the good news is there is a new site out there called A great place for people to go to join the lawsuits against Chuck King and his thievery. Don’t let Chuck full you. He’s a scammer and he will end up in court

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: civil and criminal. Now the icing on the cake is this: Chuck hasn’t taken enough money so he put up a GoFundMe account to try to raise money for the “”small claims package””????? What is that all about? The last time I checked it doesn’t cost $6500 to file a small claims filing in circuit court. So Chuck is still fishing for money from innocent people. The good news is the $10 he’s raised so far won’t buy him new slippers in state prison. Chuck King gives MLM a black eye. He needs out of the industry. He needs to be incarcerated.”


Phone: 172 Green Valley Farm Rd. Jasper, Georgia USA