“CIG Reality”” please whatever you do dont do business with this company. I got taken for a ride and still riding. I was looking to purchase my first business and I was reffered to this company by a friend who was helping me out and finding a company that would help me purchase my business (child care) So I contacted the company and they told me that I was approved for 150k. So after speaking to the master mind behind this scam (Keith Anthony) he transferred ne over to the financing dept who was asking me for a deposit of 5k down and to get all of paper work that was emailed to me notarized and faxed back in before they would put in a offer for the building and get the ball rolling so I wouldnt loose the property. I was very unsure of sending the money after speaking with my bank on wiring money. I informed the so-call financed dept on how I felt and I wasnt gonna go through with the deal. So then MR ANTHONY PODIAS (Keiths do boy) convinced me to go along with the deal by having Keith sign an agreement letter that if for some reason the deal was lost or I didnt want to go through with CIG I would recieve a refund of the money I put down to start the process

and I only had to put down half of the money which was 2

500 instead of the 5k to make me feel comfortable. LONG story short this happened in Sept 2012

promised a refund in Oct. its now Jan.2013 heres your home work DO NOT LET THESE SCAMMERS TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE! I keep calling everyday and I get the same answer from Podias “” Im still waiting on your files to come cross my desk”” and super storm Sandy misplaced us ect. ect. He has an excuse for every question. they have an phony account to hide your money in

Mr Anthony has purchased to resturants in Queens with the money they stole from hard working people to live a lavish lifestyle. To read more complaints on this company go to scambook