The equipment we deal in is not only sensitive it’s also critical that we have it availble to us at all times. We recently sent some items in for calibration and here is what happened. The shipping took forever to get back to us, even after we were notified it tooks weeks to come back. The invoice we recieved was one number, the quote we got was another, and then we got a second invoice that didn’t match anything. We were quoted one price and so a PO was prepared for that price, they then tried to charge us expidited shipping. We tried to get infomation off their website and it litterly changed overnight like the web guy had a change of mind as to what they wanted to do with the site. For weeks the site was one way, then another way, and then completly unavailble and finally back up again. Seems like a lot of confusion as to what the web site should look like, or what it does. I was told I would be emailed information. I didn’t get it for 2 days. I called back to be told that they have email issues due to all the company emails being sent to the owners yahoo account. Anyone who has ever used the internet knows you do not send a buch of company email addresses to a yahoo, hotmail, or AOL account. Any IT person worth their weight would have stopped the owner from doing this. Maybe they don’t have an IT Department? FYI for anyone thinking about useing their services: This company pretends to be much larger than it really is. They have virtual phone lines across the US and call them satellite offices. They own Silver Star Rentals and the buildings are right next door, but they don’t want you, or the IRS to know about that. The best words I could use after dealing with CIH and Dave Silver (who insists you call him Doctor) is UNPROFESSIONAL. Go do a google search before you use CIH Equipment Company, look past the flashy web pages they have and look at all they have accomplished, that’s the true statement on how professional a company is.

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