Purchase a TV for my Daughter in College, also a 3 year warranty. A Problem happened with the screen, returned to store on 12-14-2006 for repair. Right away they had a excuss due to the holidays and that the repair people only work Mon. thru Fri. it would take several weeks. nWell Today is 01-19-2007 Still waiting. I contacted them on 01-05-07 they said TV is fixed BUT is in there Il. warehouse waiting to be shipped to Pgh. Pa. store which would be this week. I called again on 01-12-07, immediately the excusses came about the Holidays and they are doing Inventory now from there customer service lady. Like Who Cares. nI asked to speak with the Store Manager well after waiting for 6 mins. on the phone he is out to lunch. Then they gave my call to the Tech. Mgr. right away the excusses came again, then said he will email the warehouse but dozen’t know how they will handle things. Well today is another week later no TV yet. nThey are highly trained to give excuses out, but NO SERVICE, or knowledge of how to handle a problem other than give excuses out. Do not Buy from them, deal with a small local store where they always provide service ASAP. The Big Box Retailers are all alike, take the money and Run. And forget about providing customernservice. First and Last Time Buying from a Non Service Company like Circuit City. nPaulnArdara, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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