We needed a new receiver for out TV and theater system and last Saturday went shopping to find one. Our first stop was going to be Best Buy, but there is a Circuit City right there too. Since it was going out of business we thought maybe they would have a good buy. Our 1st mistake. Little did we know just because Circuit City is on the sign doesn’t mean it is. Later I find out about this. nWe go in and they only have a few receivers left and one is in the box, I ask if we can open it and the salesman says no, my question then was how would we know anything about the receiver without doing this. I told him we needed one with surround sound and the center speaker. He assured me this one would work, an Onkyo TX8555. We thought the price was good and naive people we are bought it. nWe got it home and found out the lie the salesman told us. This was not surround sound and had no outlet for a center speaker. This is where we start finding more of the deception. I look this receiver on the internet (something we should have done at the start) and find Circuit City also marked this up to mark it down. They have the highest price on this of anyone and the sale price is not even close to being the lowest. I call the store..they won’t even talk to me, the I start the Circuit City 800 number and of course get someone who knows no English other than the script they have been taught to read. These people have no respect for the customer! I am told that I have no recourse since Circuit City doesn’t own the “Going Out of Business”” sales

the liquidator owns them. I thought this was illeagal

but I guess not. I also thought the mark up to mark down was illegal. nBuyer Beware!!! Let’s hope this bankruptcy will take all the stores out or make them become a more reputable company. nMarilynnCleburne


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