I purchased an $299 Apple I-POD on Jan. 11 under a special rebate promotion, the original form is currently still at their web-site at the address: ncircuitcity.com/ccd/genericContent.do?oid=115813&WT.mc_n=51538&WT.mc_t=U&carriage=nbefree&sourceid=qIZmQj8hxjoYAlrDJX7P&com.nbroadvision.session.new=Yes&affiliateid=n39502629&BV_UseBVCookie=No nThe exact wording of their form (see actual form through the above link) lists the following as a disclaimer to exclude items from this rebate: n…(*After mail-in rebate. Offer excludes Akai, ESA, Sony XBR, Bose, Alpine, Oakley, Velodyne, HP MP3 Players, Hitachi camcorders, outlet models and Circuit City Gift Card purchases…. nObviously the only MP3 players excluded are listed above as “HP MP3 Players””. There is no exclusion of Apple I-POD nTod

ID 2015 or 2815?

at their rebate center

on Jan 10

even verbally verified for me by telephone before this puchase that Apple I-Pods did qualify for this 20% gift card rebate. nAfter I sent in all the needed papers