On Nov 7, 2004, I purchased a DVD/VCR combo for my mother for Christmas. Because she lives in another state and is isolated in the country, I was not sure if we could hookup up the DVD/VCR to her old t.v. I was talked into buying a RF modulator. nOn January 9, I went to return the RF modulator, which was never used–never even opened! I was refused because it had been past 30 days, which is their return policy. I tried to reason with the young man working returns, but he refused and kept stating policy. nI then asked to speak with the manager. He told me the same thing. I tried to explain that I had no use for the device and reminded him that it was as purchased. I even explained to him that I was being punished for buying my Christmas gift early. He said he wasn’t punishing anyone. A policy was a policy. There are exceptions to every rule, and I feel their policy should not apply to Christmas gifts. I will not ever shop at Circuit City again! nKathienPlano, TexasU.S.A.

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