I used to be a Circuit City employee, at the store #1602 in Tyler, Texas. I was recently let go because me and another employee got into a fight and absolutely nothing was done to this employee (even though he started all of the trouble with me). I contacted my manager several times and nothing was done about it at all. I even contacted the Human Resources Department and still nothing was done to this employee. After working there for several months I would never shop there agian ever in my life. nMost of the salesman are all liars and work on commission so they tell you what you want to hear just to make you buy something from them. I know I used to be one of them. They dont care if they lie to you about a product just as long as they sale it to you and try and pressure you into buying an extended warranty on your product; which if something happens you have to go through hell trying to get it repaired. nTha Hitmannlindale, Texas

4910 s. broadway Tyler, Texas U.S.A.


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