Hello, nI purchased a Sony Viao Laptop in April 2003 from Circuit City, Newnan Ga., I also purchased a 2 year extended warrenty from City Advantage which was offered by Circuit City. In May of 2004 the laptop crashed and would not switch back on. I brought the laptop back to Circuit City in Newnan (May 18th 2004)and under the extended warrenty asked for my laptop to be fixed. nMy lap top was sent off to City advantage who the sent the lap top to some body else to be fixed. I was told that it should not take any longer than two weeks for the repairs. One month later I start to complain, finally July 15 2004 City Advantage get back to me and tell me that my laptop is unfixable,(2 months later.) I was then asked if I would accept a replacement, I agreed and recieved a refurbished Compaq passario with a 90 day factory warrenty, unfortunatly this computer does not work and keeps crashing. nCity advantage have told me that the matter is out of their hands and advised me to go and register the replacement computer with HP and get them to fix the problem. I Have not registered the refurbished computer with Hewlett Packer (HP) as advised by City Advantage. nI don’t know what is the best approach to this problem right now, If any one else has had a similar experence or could give me some advice I sure would appreciate it. nRegards nAnthonynSharpsburg, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Circuit City, Newnan, GA. 30265 Newnan, Georgia U.S.A.

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