Citgo Tolland Lost Keys to Car, refused to replace Tolland Connecticut!!. Took my car to this CITGO place for emissions test. In under 24 hrs, they managed to LOSE MY CAR KEY AND REMOTE! Their remedy was to offer to make a replacement key if I left my one remaining spare key, an impossible situation, since it would mean I could not drive the car. In addition, I still have to go try to buy a remote from the dealer and sync it with my car. Now there’s someone running around the gas station with access to my car and, through the emissions paperwork, my house address and phone number! I reported this to CT DMV and Attorney General’s Office — It’s a safety risk to my car and place of residence. Their failure to safeguard a basic item such as a car key and their lax attitude about making a spare puts my car and its occupants at risk. My car was parked outside with windows rolled down in the middle of winter, with keys u201cmissingu201d in a place where information on my place of residence is kept. This negligence puts my property and safety at risk. Anyone who u201cfindsu201d the key can go to my house, get in my car and drive away. This place should NOT be allowed to conduct emissions tests if they canu2019t even keep track of car keys connected to a remote and take no responsibility for it. MERROW ROAD CITGO 128 MERROW ROAD TOLLAND, CT 06084 (860)871-7963 Website I will now have to worry about my car being driven off every time I park it to go to the grocery store or anywhere near that area.

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