Questionable Fees and late Fees? My individual case is similar to most of the postings listed here. My original contract was purchased 14 months ago by CitiFinancial Auto and it”s been a nightmare ever since. I recently re-financed my vehicle with my lending institution just to get away from CitiFinancial Auto. At my loan closing CitiFinancial Auto did not want to release my payoff amount and really gave my Lending Officer a hard time as well as upset me greatly. I ended up paying $663.00 over and above what my balance was just to get rid of them. Now it”s my turn. I have made every payment, with one late payment…and have all my records. If you are serious about going the distance to bring this company to court, email me and tell me to count you in. If I obtain enough names and committments, I will then ask the attorney for a class action lawsuit. Other-wise I will be taking this company on alone. Only email me if you can back-up your records, you are committed and have the patients to deal with this suit. My advice…find another loan institution to re-finance with and get out from under CitiFinancial. It WILL NOT get any better.

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