City Automotive BROKE MY CAR, Called Me A Liar and DIDN’t Fix it Atlanta Georgia!!. This is the WORST AUTO REPAIR SHOP EVER! I took my auto there to get the AC charged and have freon added to it. After waiting around for over 2 hours, a worker came to me and said that my hood latch was broken and they couldn’t do the AC work I came in for. I was very confused as I just opened my hood to have service done on another part of the engine that same day. I went to see what they were walking about and the incompetent employee they had work on my car broke my hood release! Instead of him asking how to open the hood he kept pulling and pulling and pulling on my cord until he BROKE IT! It was all the way out laying on the floor. The owner/Manager Brian apologized for his employees error and said that he knew an auto body repair shop that I could take it to and they would fix it at no charge to since he broke it. The owner Brian told me to call on Monday morning after he had a chance to call the auto repair shop since it was late Saturday afternoon. So I said “OK,” at least he was going to fix it. I called Monday morning and the Owner Brian totally changes up his story! He now calls me a liar repeatedly and says it was broken when I brought it in and he wasn’t going to fix it (I can only assume that he called the auto repair shop and got a price he wasn’t willing to pay for his mechanics error)! This was unbelievable! The mechanic breaks a part on my auto and I now I am called a liar AND have to come out of my own pocket $100 to get the repair fixed. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Save your time and money and find a different repair shop!

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