Complaint: You won’t believe what we have caught Brian Craig doing! Breaking the law and committing ARRA stimulus fraud. That’s right, folks! Brian Craig was involved in the Dynamic Messaging Sign project where the city of Austin installed new signs that electronically display messages to drivers around the city of Austin. Brian broke many city rules such as failing to notify the engineer who sealed the foundation drawings when the rebar was going to be placed preferably before the concrete was poured. When it was discovered that the contractor poured the wrong strength and type of concrete, Brian Craig tried to do something about it which was actually nothing. Later, Christopher Newton told this person not to review structural engineering aspects of plans and even proceeded to have the engineer of record fired. Brian Craig was given the chance of providing this engineer of record information about what had happened. He failed to do so to this day. Now, Brian Craig’s project has been plagued with problems. The OIG DOT investigated. They determined that all these sign foundations had to be mitigated. Yes, folks, Brain Craig was an accessory to ARRA Stimulus Fraud. Folks, if one of those signs comes down on you while you are driving around Austin, you can blame Brian Craig and Christopher Newton for this. Brian Craig’s turn-ons include breaking City of Austin policies for his personal benefit. Brian Craig is widely associated with a city that participates in unlawful incarceration of protesting citizens, unlawful incarceration of their employees for requesting past pay stubs for their life-saving medications, unlawful interference of unemployment claims, retaliation against employees for reporting violations of the Texas Engineers Practices Act and other laws, shooting the dogs of innocent pet owners, blacklisting of their former employees, unlawful theft of personal property, ARRA stimulus fraud, economic waste of taxpayer money on municipal projects, violating the Texas Open Records Act at will, and even stealing artwork from 3 year old little Hispanic girls! Remember, thanks to the efforts of Brian Craig, the City of Austin didn’t invent blacklisting and fraud, waste & abuse, they just perpetrate it. Recently, the City of Austin was caught hiring child predator children of former assistant city managers like Juan Garza. They allow employees to write rules that will benefit them much later so that they will benefit themselves in the private sector like former Assistant City Manager Rudy Garza. With employees like that, it’s no wonder people believe the City of Austin is the best managed unethical city in America. Check out the new commercial for the City of Austin. It’s great! What do you think? At the City of Austin, Brian Craig’s ready. Brian’s ready to screw you well in advance. His most important job is to keep you and your family unsafe. That’s what he does day by day. He’s constantly thinking up ways to rip off their taxpayers with the schemes he is developing. Harassment of co-workers for reporting life safety issues for no reason can happen quickly. And in any season, that’s what he focuses on most! Brian Craig of the City of Austin in the great state of Texas. He’s ready. He’s ready. She’s ready to screw you. That’s engineering stupidity you can count on!

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