Complaint: I turned right on a yellow light in Beaverton Oregon. I was suprised to find a $260 ticket in the mail, stating that the light was red for .33 seconds when I entered the intersection and 11mph below the posted speed. I told the judge I feel it is unfair to ticket me for less time than a blink on an eye, and he told me that he could only consider the fact that it was me in that car in the photos. I went to City Council to discuss the matter there, where I met an electrical engineer with the same complaint, only he had solid proof that the red light timers were off by up to .5 seconds. The city is charging people based on as little as .1 second, but their timers are off by up to .5 second. I want a refund, and I want the City of Beaverton to allow a grace period of .5 seconds to make up for the varying degree of timing on their lights. They refuse- and with good reason- they make a LOT of money ticketing citizens like myself. “There have been many instances where cities in the US have been found to have too-short yellow-light intervals at some intersections where red light cameras have been installed. In Tennessee

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Address: 176 drivers were refunded for fines paid after it was discovered that the length of the yellow was too short for that location

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Phone: and motorists were caught running the light in the first second of the red phase.In California