Complaint: Between 2010 and 2011 the City of Medford, Massachusetts received 1.7 million dollars from cable TV subscribers. Michael J. McGlynn, entering his twenty-sixth year as Mayor of Medford, allegedly uses a “home rule petition”” to take 60% of the access TV monies for his “”general fund.”” Citizens cannot get a handle on how the other 20% of those monies designated for governmental or educational access are used. The Finance Director/Auditor Anne Baker allegedly stated to the City Council that $200

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Address: 000.00 was for “”cameras.”” When pressed on it in her office she said it was “”the big machine that went along with the cameras.”” A high-end camera can cost 15K or so. A public record request uncovered that three individuals at the high school were having their salaries paid for by the monies designated for access television. The Mayor is the Chairman of the School Committee and has two of his daughters working the the school system

Website: 2010 by three members of the public access tv station. The Mayor was given the police report and told the victim to go to the judge. The victim brought the police report to Judge Diane Kottmyer who told the victim to have the Mayor handle it. Finally the District Attorney’s office was notified and the Medford Police and the TV station

Phone: which landed on the front page of a newspaper for being a huge conflict of interest. Mayor McGlynn feigned ignorance to the ethics laws