Complaint: We bought a home in east palmdale last year. Our first mistake. In july we were preparing for a trip and pulled our boat on the street. We had to unhitch the boat for roughly 20 minutes. The boat was unhitched for 20 minutes in front of our home which we are now being told is a public highway. It is a residential street not a public highway. We were cited $68.00. Of course we contested, the boat was parked in front of our home for 20 minutes not hitched. The denied our contest. Fine – we will pay the $68. Due to finiacial distress I went to pay the fine 1 day late – to my utter shock they not only doubled the $68 they increased it by $74. They want a $142. I understand the city needs to come up with creative ways of making money but that is insanity for 1 day late. How is that even legal? To increase a fine by $74 for a day late. . .in a lower income area like Palmdale is a trap. What happens is people obtain a fine – for whatever reason are unable to pay – then go to pay and cant avoid too. So then the DMV is notified – and they suspended the reigstraion of the vehicle. So no a person has city fees and dmv fees and is now possible without a vehicle because they can not drive on a suspended registration. Yes the right thing wqould have been to pay the citation in the first place – but for those who cant – the city has just set them up for failure. Somehow someway this should be addressed.

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