Aug 2019: Millie the VERY aggressive, unemployed girlfriend of the apt Owner at 4603 Loughborough Ave, St Louis MO 63116 (not on his payroll, has NO TITLE) told the City of St Louis electrical inspector Tim that she’s the owner of the four $595-$650 monthly apt bldg (NOT Section8). After a taxpayer filed three Inspection complaints (no Inspector made ANY appointment to meet with her or called her) Tim shows up unannounced, knocks on the wrong door at 4603 Loughborough Ave, where Millie lives. Again, Millie has no authority whatsoever. | After talking to the taxpayer, the Inspector left the property, didn’t mentally absorb ANYTHING that the taxpayer told him, yet typed in his online follow up Notes that he talked to the Owner (who was actually at work). Adding insult to injury, Tim W. stated that the taxpayer has an A/C issue (the a/c is great) and that he gave the taxpayer advice! I’ve been a taxpayer in STL for 40 years and THIS is how my tax dollars are wasted.


Name: City of St Louis Electrical Inspector

Country: United States

State: Missouri

City: Saint Louis

Address: 200 Market St #425

Phone: 1 314-622-3313