City Super Shop City Motors Fraud Thief Liar Carter Lake Iowa!!. There is alot of illegal activity with the garage called City Super Shop. 1. My husband and I went n got a car from them and when we couldn’t make the payments on it we took the car to the lot where it sat til we could catch up. That was ok. Then thr owner took the car and resold it to another person and still trying to get mo ey for it out of my husband n myself. But then my husband sees another vehicle he wanted and the owner said ok you fix it and make the down payment and it’s yours. My husband gave the owner 300.00 down and has been holding back on giving my husband the vehicle. He then tried giving the owner another 200.00 and the owner told him to hold it and still keeps dancing round on giving him the vehicle. The owner also pays people only 20.00 a day to do hard labor..carrying car parts batteries stacking tires taking tires off rims even weeding his personal garden during the hot season as well as taking all trash out to dumpster from mechanics bays sweeping n mopping all floors in shop clean all shelves n sweep lot along with alot more. He sells junk cars that whind up in the shop every week and has his mechanics fix cars as cheap as possible even if it means sending it off in bad shape. Way he does business he may as well use bond n duct tape n bungie cords n rubber bands to fix it. My advice..don’t ever get a car from city motors or take it to their shop. This shop must close the doors. The owner is a fraud a liar and a thief.

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