We pay for travel packages VIVECHILEtravel, Tour & Travel EIRL, CHILEviajes Ltda., Joaquín Tous, Barbara Espinoza, Amanda Tous. Guys, is real rip off! We send money by wire transfer for the package that includes hotel, entertainment, etc. When we arrived at the hotel we realized that the room was not great and we asked the receptionist about it but assured us that provided the right room. We had no entertainment and when we tried to contact the company representative, his phone was switched off all the time. I searched on the internet and I found that many complaints against these companies.


Name: CityTourTransfer.com

Country: Chile


City: Viña del Mar

Address: José Meneses, 230

Phone: 56 9 54000188

Website: www.citytourtransfer.com/