It’s about time that someone put this hospital in it’s right place. People that live here no it to be one of the worst hospitals around. Civista is careless in all it does, yet continues to get away with it. nI know all of the following facts to be true of Civista. I know that they bill people personally when state funded insurances don’t pay. Which is in violation of Federal laws. You see, any hospital, doctor, etc that excepts a state funded insurance as a insurance payment has a list from the state of how much they pay for each service reindered. They list the payment as to what that service is actually costing. They also tell the hospital when additional notes, records, etc are needed in each patient case. Yet, Civista files these away as insurance denied, patient responsibility. nAnyone on a state funded insurance should check their credit reports once in a while, you’ll be really surprised. When the patient calls to have these removed from their credit reports, they are given the run a round and nothing is ever done. But, if you find these bills on your report, you can call the state insurance you dealt with at that time and they can help you with getting the hospital to remove this. All the insurance company does, is call the hospital and inform them that they are in federal law violation, that usually does it. nCivista’s ER has to be one of the worst nationwide. One example is: One of my sons had strep throat and scarlet fever, a few days later, my toddler was experiencing some of the same symptoms. Our doctor told us to take him to the nearest ER, which was Civista. After waiting 3 hours, he’s finally called back, just to wait another 2 hours for a doctor to see him. The doctor looks him over real quick, says they’ll do a throat culture and release him. nThe following day, he woke up screaming and couldn’t move, again I was instructed to take him back to the ER. Upon getting there, I told the security officer at the check in desk the situation, he said I had to wait, I asked how long the wait was and he said 3 to 4 hours. The triage nurse walked up, I told he the situation, she got real rude and told me to wait, I told her that I was not going to wait, my child was here last night and appearently didnot recieve the proper services and now look at him. He just laid limp in his seat, she said she didn’t care, he would have to wait, I then asked for the ER supervisor of COS and was laughed at and told they would get her. nAfter an hour, my son was burning up and turning red. I walked to the counter to ask where the lady was,and saw that they had scratched his name from the list. I left and rushed him out of the was to SMH. He was very sick by then and needed IV’s and meds. They also asked why he was not thouroughly checked when one of his brothers was so sick. Another specific account, my husband dropped a tool box on his foot at work he was told they couldn’t do an MRI, when I asked why, I was told that they WERE NOT a hospital but a local medical care center. It turns out what could have been splinted and healed, became infected, bruised, torn and broken, because he was made to walk on it. He also had to under go a surgeons care and physical therapy. nThe “doctors”” at Civista say they are doctors

til you have a question and find out that they are actually physicans assistants. They lie to their patients. Many patients do not want a PA to see them or there child but expect a doctor to do so.According to law

they are to inform each patient that they are a PA and make sure that it is ok by the patient to be seen by them. Civista deliberately denies patients that information and lies about who they really are. Yet

when you get a bill

they sure insist you saw their doctors and charge you for the “”doctors”” service. nI can honestly say