CJ PONY PARTS Watch out Harrisburg Pennsylvania!!. I ordered a part for my niece’s mustang and according to the website the part was suppose to be correct but when I got it, the part did not fit. I admit I punched a knockout, out of the part for the bolt to fit before I realized it didn’t fit so I called the company to set up a return. I also sent pictures of the two parts next to each other to prove it doesn’t fit. I sent the part back and the company kept my part and my money plus I paid for the return shiipping. HOW CAN IT NOT BE STEALING TO KEEP PART PLUS MONEY. I would have sold the part second hand if I would have know the outcome. Becareful what you buy or don’t! If the part was right according to website how can the company not be at least partial responsible. I guess that is how they make there money. Becareful or GO ELSEWHERE!! Sincerely, Jay

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