CJ’s Car America Absolute Nightmare Bridgeport New York!!. In June of 2018 I went to CJ’s Car America in search of a reliable vehicle. This was also during a time when I was having credit problems. I went to test drive a few vehicles and “run some numbers” when I decided on purchasing a 2006 Ford Fusion SE. I requested a copy of the car fax report to make sure I was getting a fair price for my vehicle. The report that was e-mailed to me by the salesman showed that the vehicle had no accidents and no water or fire damage and that it was only a one owner vehicle from a local nearby town, which made me feel better about the purchase. The issues started on day one. I was supposed to pick up the car after work and received a phone call that there was a check engine light on and they would need at least an additional day to get that taken care of…. a small price to pay for a fully functioning and safe vehicle. 2 days later when i went to pick it up at the Bri

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CJ’s Car America