This Company handles my Companies STD benefits. I have had two occasions that I’ve had to deal with this company. 1st was in a major car accident when my car slippedbof the highway on ice into a tree. I suffered a collapsed lung, punctured liver, broken femur, and broken ankle. Would you believe they denied my STD? They did took me nearly 3 months and fighting tooth and nail to finally get paid, and still had to return to work when I could barely walk and in a cast because they couldn’t extend it it. Yes even with proper docs from my doctor had to return because my family couldn’t go hungry any longer. Now my 2nd occasion is what I’m going through currently. I am out on MAJOR mental health issues and FMLA was approved but guess what? They don’t ONCE AGAIN want to pay me! Stress is a major contributor to my sickness and they definitely don’t help. So if something happens to me we all know who to blame. They are uncaring and are in the wrong line of business. All I read is there bad reviews and all I see is there 1 star reviews and I truly can agree with every one. I’ve directed my company to go elsewhere with there business, because now I’m trapped I’m stuck with no pay and there’s no way my dr will sign off on returning to work in my condition. Hey SEDGWICK THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE AND HELPING IN THE FORECLOSURE IN HOME.



Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: (866) 647-7610