At first I was contacted via text, which seemed odd at first. What was odd was the way the text was formatted; rather incoherent, random spacing in-between the punctuation and the words, but for a person looking for a job, I accepted the interview that was offered. Next, Christy asked me to have the interview through Yahoo, which also seemed rather odd. Why Yahoo? Anyway, silly me, I went through with it (even bringing friends over to help me with interview questions). At 8AM the next day, the interview was held, and again the way in which Christy would type was very, very odd. For a professional company, they were very unprofessional in their grammatical typing. After an hour and a half of an interview and briefing, I was given the job despite basically saying that I do not have any proper background in their field. My friend and I thought the company seemed really sketchy, and upon looking to see if anyone else had reported a First Solar scam, it was. After accepting the job, I revoked my acceptance and explained that I found information that the interview/check was a scam. Christy responded with “Okay.” and went immediately offline. Go figure.. I demand not be such a s***y person and send job openings to people who need them, thanks,. Stay away

  • #Jason Walther
  • #Mike williams

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