Fraud check and work


My Complaint: i was contacted by Jason for a interview by text and then went in to yahoo messenger… i was surprised by the yahoo but i was looking for new work then the interview was a little weird and he told me i had the job. then he sent a check with another company logo and at that moment it did not hit me, but i cashed it in a separate checking cause i had a bad feeling. and i was right they were relentless for me to purchases with western union to Tenisia Lucas in Riverdale GA and the check needed 11 days to clear it. it wasn’t the first day. i know that you can not retrieve money that is sent even if the services was not completed and I’m in new jersey i cant go to the place make a formal complaint or take to the person and i asked for other methods like using my credit card they did not want to hear it i even asked for other contacts and people i need to report to the mail office. nothing then i called first solar and they refused to answer the phones or call back.


My Demand: going over state lines tht should get involed e govermen