I received the email message below:Hello Candidate,Our Company Received Your Resume And Our Recruitment team has reviewed your Resume, We posted some ads for our Customer Service Representative, Data EntryAdministrative Assistant and position available and we received your resume database from the ads that we posted and also some other site forwarded your resume to us. After reviewing several applications, we think you are qualified for the positions available.We are pleased with your qualifications, we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an interview. The Job hours are flexible and a full time positionYour resume was shortlisted for an online interview with the interview manager Add Mrs Catrina Adderley via G-mail Hangout or Google talk with the following email address ([email protected]). Add Her to your buddy list and message Her, She will be online waiting for you ASAP to conduct the interview with you.Your verification code is ( SVR-A21PLV), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot. We look forward having you on the team.You are required to set up a Gmail account (www.gmail.com) then download the app from you app store i.e for smart Cell and for PC you can download one from the Gmail webpage www.google.com/hangout to download the app.Interview Scheduled : Online,Venue: On Line Via Google HangoutTraining is AvailableYours Truly,Hiring ManagerRegards.When I responded to the message with the confirmation code. I was told to describe myself for best placement within the company. I had applied for a data entry online customer service position. I went through their "interview" via google hangout. I was told that I had gotten the position. When I was told they would be sending me a check for setting up a home office and purchasing supplies, it sent up a red flag for me. I checked in with the BBB and took the advice of searching both the emails provided, but nothing was found in the "google.email.com" search. However, when I came to the scam tracker on BBB I saw several stories that mirrored mine. It seems the pattern is the same, but they change the name of the healthcare company that you are going to be working for. I am grateful that I didn’t get their check, give them money, or any identifying information. Still, I thought it important to share, so that others can see there is a pattern with all of these scams, and their script is also very similar.