In first found Claire’s Bowtique on the show eightwest. I had been nfollowing her fan page for a while and she finally had a good sale at nthe time that I had money to buy stuff. I ordered 10 clippies ~ buy 5 nget 5 and a tutu that was also on sale. I placed my order may 5 2010.This order was promised to be to me before my daughter’s first birthday non June 26. I won a tutu and paid for another clip that i won on one ofn her games at a discounted price. I told her should could just add themn to my order when she mails them as long as there wouldnlt be a problem nwith getting it before the 26th. She told me there would be no problem.I didn’t put in a complaint with paypal before the allowed time nbecause she still had time to mail me my order. We both live in nMichigan so I figured it would be here within a few days of her mailing nit. I emailed her a few times and she said that she confirmed it being nsent herself. I was never given a tracking number. I have been blockedn from sending emails and all of my questions on her fan page are ndeleted. Here it is September 7th and I still don’t have my order.In was so excited to finally be able to get something from her. And it nwas a big deal for me because it was for my daughter’s first birthday. In am very disappointed and out money as well. Please do not buy from her. You will risk the same thing happening to you.

Internet United States of America!/clairesbowtique?ref=ts

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