Look up FIGHTCPS.COM they are a wonderful group in Pittsburgh, PA puttting these lying criminals in jail where they belong and using the Supreme Court laws they are breaking to do so…DO NOT TRUST TEHM DO NOT GIVE THEM CONSENT TO ENTER YOUR HOME WITHOUT A WARRANT THEY ARE NOT ALLOLWED ENTRY TO OUR HOMES WITHOUT ONE!! Keep a file on everything they do and say to you! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM WITHOUT A COMPENTENT ATTORNEY! Do not accept their court appointed attorneys they work for them NOT you!! Anymore information on they proof of the terror they have caused my family please email me @ [email protected] I will show you my prove and tell you anything you need to know to protect yourelf from this corrupt government agency if we as parents do not protect our families and children beklieve me they will railroad you and lie to you and use scare tatics to try and get you to concede to them DO NOT DO IT!! They are not above the law and many are sitting in jail where they belong they try to avoid lawsuits by ahving the judge deem their outlandish lies they used on him to get you into court so they cannot be sued ,but they still can be sued and should I have seen may families get financial compensation from the terrioistic acts of these people make them pay for the hell they are spewing on Clarion county families it is about time…I NEED SUPPORT ON APRIL 2ND AT 10:00 AM COURTROOM #1 TO SEND A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR TO THESE ANIMALS THAT WE WILL NOT LIE DOWN AND BE PISSED ON BY THEM ANY LONGER THEY 15 MINUTES IS UP IT IS OUR 15 MINUTES NOW LETS SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER AGAINST THEM KIDNAPPING OUR CHILDREN!! Thank you!! I will help any innocent falsely accused parent by these idiots anytime just contact me i will be your biggest ally!

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