Read The Story: | Sunday, July 7, 2019 | Mr. Jamie Van Den Bergh, Owner-Chief Executive Officer | CLARITY PRODUCTS LLC | 6131 Preservation Drive | Chattanooga, Tennessee 37416 | 800-426-3738 | Regarding: Very Serious Complaint | Your Company Gave My Mother Some Kind Of Clarity Phone Replacement several years ago that is supposed to help with Her Severe Deafness and Current Health Situation (which Includes Suffering from a Prolapsed Bladder, Heart Condition, Low Blood Circulation In Both Of Her Legs, Along With Severe Arthritis In Both Of Her Knees Which Affects Her Mobility). | Unfortunately, the Clarity Phone Is No Longer Working Properly at all! | She is Getting Many Messages on her phone stating “Power Out Of Range” or “No Power”. | In Addition: The Answering Machine is Not Working! | To Top It Off, she has been without the Use Of A Phone (since she does Not use a cellular phone) for Almost One (1) Whole Week! | For Your Information: She did have a representative come over from Rogers Communications (the company that provides her with the landline service) several days ago and he left her home right in front of ME without Your Phone Working which Leads ME To Believe That Your Phone Is The Problem! | I am very angry and upset over this because Your Clarity Phones are supposed to be of Superb Quality and Unfortunately this is Not The Case With My Mother’s Phone! | Is There Anything That You Can Do About The Problem For My 88 Year Old Mother Who Just Turned 88 Back On Tuesday, July 2, 2019? | For Your Information: We used to deal with a gentleman from Your Company who told us that if we have Any Issues With Your Products To Contact Him Directly, but sadly, I Can Not Seem To Find His Contact Information, unless You Can Find My Mother’s Name And Contact Information In Your Files. | Moving Right Along: | I am Now Going To Provide You With Some Vital Details That I Was Able To Retrieve From Your Non-Working Clarity Phone for your reference and further review. | White Clarity Phone | Model D714 | SN: 53714080638 | 1074 | For Your Information: If You would like ME to return the Clarity Phone back to your company, then please provide ME with a Postage Paid Envelope/Box and I will be More Than Happy To Return It Back To You! No Problem! | Thank You. | Sincerely yours, | Howard Paul Shore | Angry And Upset Clarity Products LLC Customer | On Behalf Of Mrs. Helene Shore, Your Customer