BEWARE of AUTODEALER TACTICS!!. Bought 96 Ford Contour 8/98 23,000 miles for $14,000, took to dealer 11/99 at 41,900 miles and they say its worth $5,000. How do you lose $9,000 in one year? Except for the mileage the cars in better shape now than when we bought it a year ago. Besides the numerous recalls this auto has, at $35,000 miles “check engine lt” came on. We took to Clarke Ford, tech put on diagnosis machine we paid ($68.74) determined we need “mass air flow sensor”. We took to Libery Ford, because it was closer to home to have this installed we paid($277). “Check engine”lt still came on. We went back to Clarke Ford,they put on diagnosis mach again, this time we needed 2 more sensors ($251 + $135 labor) we didnt put these on, but went back to Liberty Ford, they put it on their diagnosis machine we paid $65, it stated we need “3 upper intake gaskets”. They guaranteed “engine lt” would go off. We installed these at $4

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