Clark’s Discount Auto Parts Clark’s Discount Auto Parts Scam-like return policy and extremely rude employees Bellflower, California!!. I recently purchased a fuel pump from this place and was told (by one of the managers, whose name is Bruce) that I could bring it back as long as it hadnt been installed (I had mentioned the fact that werent 100% sure yet that it was the fuel pump that was the issue, and wanted to know if I could bring it back if indeed it wasnt). Turns out it was my PCM that needed replacing (fuel pump was fine) and when II tried bringing it back, I was told (by a different, and quite condescending employee) that it qualified as an electronic item and there were no refunds on electronic items. I assured the guy working that Bruce did say I could return it if it remained unused and he, along with another employee simply responded with incredulity.I had already experienced their rude customer service over the phone and was willing to overlook this given th

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Clark’s Discount Auto Parts