I purchased a 1989 Iroc Z28 Camaro from Evan Singer Cali Auto Brokers in Febuary 12, 2016 off Ebay motors. It was advertised as in perfect condition with 41,000 miles one owner car. The pictures of the car had to be five years old, it was awful condition wen it was delivered to me. At the time of delivery I saw what was wrong with the car and ask delivery driver to call Evan Singer to make it right before I agreed to take delivery of the car. Evan assured me he would make it right with three witnesses present, so I agreed to accept car. The car would not crank after I pulled across the street to get fuel since he sent it bone dry. When I drove three miles home I called Evan and discussed what happened , he told me to take it to a mechanic shop to diagnose the issues with the Camaro. I drove it to work on Feb. 14th and when I stopped to get 20.00 worth of premium gas it would not crank again. I called a wrecker and had it tower to mechanic shop. The shop said it needed a new computer( ithe wires had been rigged to temporarily to crank) , motor mount, no wheel lock, no door key, broken hatchback key, driver door handle was broken, driver door hinge was broken, rubber on drivers door was leaking water, passenger door window was off track, hatchback release knob was unattached from console, split indash, winsheid needs replaced cracked all over, and tune up needed. I called Evan and he kept putting me off on repairing car. | The car has been in the shop since that day waiting on Evan to make it right and continues to sit at mechanic shop. There have been several times this has happened to consumers and something needs to be done about his companies business practices. The car was nothing like he described and the wiring was intentionally rigged to crank a few times according to my mechanic eport. The mecanic shop also tried to contact Evan Singer but had no success. I have the original ad, emails, and mechanic reports concerning this matter. I would appeciate any help in this matter to resolve this problem. Thanks for any help with this matter. I used paypal for deposit and bank transfer for balance due after deposit.


Name: Classic California Cars

Country: United States

State: California

City: Rialto

Address: 144 East Foothills Blvd.

Phone: 310-594-4224

Website: www.caliautobrokers.com/